The Phoenix Park Dublin

                                                       The phoenix park  also known as the peoples park is situated on the northside of Dublins capital city

                                                       The residence of Irelands current president Michael D Higgins also known as Aras an Uachtarian is here. 

                                                       Also in the centre of the park dominating the tall trees we have  the Wellington Monument on the main avenue

                                                      The main avenue in the park is officially called Chesterfield avenue. The park also contains ducks / squirrels / foxes

                                                      The zoological gardens /  St mary s  hospital /  The ordnance survey office / The Garda depot / Farmleigh  house

                                                      and other special residents reside within  here.  There is the polo grounds and the 15 acres plus football and cricket

                                                      grounds. Every year many road races take place in the park . Motor racing used to be held here free every year . 

                                                      in this vast enclosure.  Also here are the wild deer which can be seen daily grazing in the forest area as seen in my

                                                      photos below.   Visit the park by car or tour bus drop into the zoo or just stroll around and enjoy the beauty of  the




                                                                                 Christmas is just around the corner

                                                                                              I love you my deer


                                                                                                     On the lookout




                                                                                                 Which way now


                                                                                                     Deep in thought