Picture taken in St Annes Park Dublin.

Once home to the Guinness family. The 500 acre site of Benjamin Guinness was built in 1835. The estate was inherited by Arthur Guinness who expanded the estate. The main entrance was destroyed by fire in 1943. The remains of the mansion were demolished in 1968. This is where the hill now stands at the bottom of the mile long avenue.The naniken river flows from Santry through the park The children  come to the playground and to feed the ducks in the pond situated just off the James Larkin Road. Dont forget to visit the rose garden on your visit to the park.


                                 Sunny Day in St Annes

             Cruise ferry leaving Dublin after visit

                                  Calm Day 

           This Picture taken on Bull Island Clontarf.


        Bull Island hosts a nature reserve and bird sanctuary it also has an information centre where you can find out all about the Sparlings and sea animals in Dublin Bay. You can walk from The coast road down the Causway road to bull island, and then continue up to north bull wall to the wooden bridge. The Island is 5 kilometres long. See the ferries arrive and leave Dublin Port while you stroll along the golden sand. 

                                                                                               Petal Drops on a summer day 

                                    Birds eye view

                                        This photo taken by me on a showery day . Its now entered into competition for world magazine publication