***********          The Botanic Gardens is located in Glasnevin on Dublin's  Northside         .***********

                                            The gardens were first owned by Thomas Tickell he was a poet . The estate was sold  And then given to the Royal Dublin
                 Society  in the year 1795.  The garden became the first botanic garden in Ireland.  There are vast amounts of trees shrubs and a vegetable 
                 garden  a museum  tropical plants and also a cafĂ© and theatre.  Large groups of tourists and local residents come to visit this beautiful
                 setting annually.   The reception area has books and leaflets with very informative information about the gardens'

                 There is also a side gate which leads into Glasnevin Cemetery where you can visit my page on this site.
                 I have included some photos of  the National Botanic Gardens for you  and hope your visit to the garden will be a memorable occasion
                 to look back on following your visit to Ireland.


                                                                                             Opening Times.

                          Winter             2nd last Sunday of October ( as summer time ends )  to last Sunday in February
                                                 Monday to Friday     9 Am -  4 30 Pm
                                                 Saturday / Sunday and Public Holidays     10 Am - 4 30 Pm 

                         Summer       ( First Sunday in March to last Sunday of October .
                                               Monday to Friday     9 Am -  5 Pm.
                                               Saturday / Sunday and Public Holidays     10 Am -  6 Pm.
                                                     Please note Glasshouses close at   4.15   in Winter.

                                                                                                           flowers  in Bloom
                                                                                                   Tulipa   Angelique

                                                                                                    White Triumphator
                                                                                                    Lily flowered Group

                                                                                                              pot on pedestal

                                                                                                        Tulipa  Burgundy Lace

                                                                                                       Dead  Calm

                                                                                                           Click on  Above

                                                                                                             Speckled  in White


                                                                                                         Gone  to  Lunch
                                                                                                                  cactus in pot


                                                                                         Cacataceau Clestocactus lantana

                                                                                                   Water  Lillies

                                                                                                    Ducks   Resting


                                                                                            In  Shaded  Light

                                                                                                 tropical  greenhouse