Pope Francis Visit to Ireland 

                                                             Pope Francis plane arrived in Dublin on the 25 th day of August 2018
                                           The national airline Alitalia touched down in Dublin Airport at 10 30 am for the two day visit to Ireland
                                           This visit by the head of the catholic church is almost 4 decades since Pope John Paul arrived here back in 1979
                                           One million people turned out on the day to see him in the Phoenix park in Dublin.
                                           This site is where the papal cross now stands high and has been a landmark in the national park alongside the Wellington
                                           On the arrival of the Pontiff he was greeted by religious delegates and members of government
                                           including the lord mayor of Fingal GardaĆ­ Military and Dublin Airport staff.
                                           The Garda roads policing unit were on hand to escort him on his many visits throughout the capital
                                           He also brought a delegation of news and press personnel along with his own security staff .

                                                                                      Schedule of the visit of Pope Francis listed below.

                                          The pope has a busy schedule ahead as he visits  Dublin Castle the Pro Cathedral.  Government buildings.
                                             Also the Capuchin day center on Dublin's  Church street and a family peace concert in Croke park in Dublin.
                                             A visit to the shrine at the basilica in Knock county mayo is also on his itinerary
                                             The main event  is mass at the papal cross in the phoenix park attended by an estimated 
                                             half a million people from all over Ireland
                                                                           Pope Francis will be the main celebrant of this mass.
                                             The pope intends to travel through the city in the pope mobile also used by John Paul back in 1979
                                              this gives the people an opportunity to see him close up as he passes by.  

                                                                          Civil Defence  help to curtail traffic restrictions in Dublin

                                                                                                         The  Parade

                                                                      The parade started after the popes visit to the Pro Cathedral .
                                                        It wound its way down the main street O Connell street  into college green up dame street
                                                        past Christchurch cathedral and finished on church street .
                                                        the estimated number of onlookers was put at 100 thousand.
                                                                         See photos below of the papal parade.
                                                                                        Crowds line Dublin's Dame street

                                                                                                 Observing the crowds

                                                                                            Start of the cavalcade

                                                                            Pope Francis waves from the pope mobile

                                                                                            The pope mobile passes by

                                                                                   Flags and bunting deck the streets

                                                                                       Papal flag hangs from a window  gretting the pontiff

                                                                                      Garda mounted unit on patrol

                                                                                         The Church and its followers
                                              The church has received bad press over the years as many scandals came to light leading to a fall of in
                                      parishioner's attending mass . this has also led to a drop off in vocations leaving churches closed during the day
                                      Pope Francis touched on this matter today during his mass in Dublin. He asked the congregation for forgiveness for abuse by                                         the clergy and other Church members.

                                                                            In Summary attendance was below numbers anticipated

                                                                                                 Croke park                     82.500
                                                                                                 Knock                            45.000 
                                                                                                 Phoenix Park                130.000
                                                      Tickets distributed for Phoenix Park were               500.000
                                                      Non attendees.                                                      . 350.000