****************************               EMERGENCY   WORKERS   PARADE              *************************

                            Dublin City Emergency workers took to the streets to show appreciation to the people of Dublin in recognition for

                               all the help and assistance they receive as they carry out their daily duties and tasks. At times harrowing and

             some times even joyful like bringing a new baby into the world or saving a stranded animal. These men and women are always ready

                     at a minutes notice to fulfill their roles in the emergency services   Fire / Evacuation /  Mountain rescue / Ordnance corps / Airport fire

       rescue / police / Garda traffic unit / Air support  Aux fire service /  First aiders / First responders / Civil defense / Blood / Organ transfers.

                                                                           Support them in the great work they do. 


                                                                                  For  Emergency Ring         999  or 112 

                                                  Below are a selection of photos of our services on parade in Dublin.       Click to view