Military Commeration for deceased members in Dublin.

                                   This was held in Merrion Square where the memorial stands inside the entrance to the park

                                  A colour party and guard of honour took up position outside where members honoured those who died in service..

                                 In attendance were the Minister for defence / Lord mayor of Dublin. GardaĆ­ and members of the public

                                                                                       Military personnel included

    Aer corps  /  Regimental troops /  Naval service / Military police /  UN Vetrans members of Iunva / Military band and Army Chaplain.


                                                                                                                 Flag Bearer


                                                                                                         Guard of Honour


                                                                                                    Standing  at ease


                                                                                                           A watchful  eye


                                                                                               On  the  march