Irish Coastguard

                                                                                         Garda Costa Na hEireann

                       The coastguard  provide assistance an help prevent loss of life  at sea land and  mountain  throughout the year.

                       These highly trained personnel  are always ready to swiftly move  to any given area when the emergency call comes in

                       They attend to illness and injury aboard vessels at sea /  hill walkers stranded or lost  /  and missing persons  assisted by

                       GardaĆ­  Civil defence Mountain rescue  and volunteers .

                       The coastguard crews are like ambulance fire service and any emergency services who work together as a team .





                                                                                                   (   Rescue   116   )


                                                                                                *********   R I P    ********

                    Above the crew of Rescue 116 from Dublin  which went missing on Tuesday 14th March while assisting their colleagues from Sligo.

                               The crew were working in County Mayo. Their last known position was near Blacksod. One crew member was recovered

                                but sadly passed away in hospital . The search continues for the remaining 3 crew members and the helicopter. Investigations

                                continue into  the loss and cause of this terrible tragedy which has occurred   

                                             ................................             Rescue  116  First Anniversary.        ................................

                                                                                         14 / 03 17   ...........  14 / 03 / 18

                                 The first anniversary of  the mission of Rescue 116  took place today at a ceremony in County Mayo.

                                 The four crew members who lost their lives were remembered at a ceremony on Blackrock island.

                                 While on their way to Blacksod island on their refueling stop their craft struck the island on that fateful night

                                 Thoughts and prayers for the crew their families  and for all those who put their lives at risk daily.      Rip..






                                                                                      (     Caitriona Ros Lucas    RIP.    )

             This Irish coastguard volunteer  died on active service  on the 12 th  Sept 2016.  She was the first member of the coastguard to pass away

                     after the boat she was in capsized while searching for a missing person along the coastline in Kilkee County Clare.

                    Unfortunately these Emergency personnel do not receive the  recognition they deserve until tragedy occurs. and makes

                    headline news. So spare a thought when out at sea or on land  and try to be cautious and safe in all outdoor activities you partake in.