Covid 19 reaches Ireland
                                               Dublin city s main tourist  gathering spot             Temple Bar  deserted at 23 30 and pubs closed ...
                                                                                          Covid  19
                                               --------------------------------  News  Update  ------------------------------                 21 / 04 / 2020
                                                                        Ireland  Coronavirus  latest  8 weeks in.
                                                     Today the government announced that no licence will be granted
                                                     for events over 5,000 people until Sept of this year.
                                                     The number of confirmed cases now stands at  16.040.
                                                                   The number of deaths now stands at        730
                                                 The number of patients recovered in the community is 55 per cent
                                                 who did not require hospitalisation.
                                                 For those who are tested the time taken for test results takes 24 to 36 hours from
                                                 the time the test is received in the lab in UCD Dublin.


                                                                                      Coronavirus     (  Covid  19  )



                                                               -------------------------------            I S O L A T E         ----------------------------

                                           Coronavirus  was first diagnosed in Dec 2019 following a large number of cases of pneumonia type symptoms .
                                           This virus started in Wuhan in China and has quickly spread across the globe. Persons with underlying medical
                                           conditions are at high risk  eg diabetes heart disease high blood pressure are some of the conditions  lists available 
                                           on many health websites and from Hse.i.e.  and also the Who website. ( World health organization.. ) 
                                           Coronavirus does not appear to survive in high temperature  The virus is spread though hand touching  and Sneezing 
                                           and coughing.  It is not believed to be airborne either.
                                           The virus can last for a day and a half on surfaces eg counter tops stainless steel . The droplets only
                                           survive for a few hours on boxes or cardboard paper as they dry quickly and die away. Testing centres have been set 
                                           up and testing is by appointment only . Supermarkets are continuing to keep shelves stocked and some are now 
                                           assisting senior citizens by priority shopping  As I write this vaccine testing has just begun in Seattle but will take 
                                           several months before results are confirmed . If successful  Hopefully a positive outcome will result.

                                                                                                              High Temperature

                                                                                                                 Dry Cough
                                                                                                                Sore Throat

                                                                                                            Breathing Problems
                                            Wash hands frequently and often.  Clean counter tops and surfaces  before preparing food and after cooking
                                            Use soap and build up lather on hands wash between fingers palms fingertips and rinse thoroughly
                                            Discard kitchen paper directly in to bin after use . This may not prevent you picking up Covi 19 but it does go
                                            towards trying to contain it s spread. 

                                                                                     Out and About and self isolation

                                            Nobody likes to be told what to do but yes taking advisee from experts does go a long way
                                            Try not to spend too much time shopping Try to keep at least 2 M Distance between customer in front of you
                                            Use tissue when sneezing   If coughing cough into your elbow.
                                            If you feel you have symptoms above contact your Gp  by phone for advise don't visit the surgery or clinic.
                                            Self isolation is approx. 14 days and yes you need books plenty liquid and paracetamol to reduce temperature. 

                                            Hope this will give you a better insight into Corovirus  ( Covi 19  )  and how the world is dealing with this outbreak