Dublin City Landmarks 


                                            This wheel located at east link bridge and beside the 02 formerly the point theatre in Dublin city. 

                                                                                 Millennium Wheel

                                                  This new bridge on the river liffey links the north side of Dublin with the Southside. It was opened to traffic on 11 th Dec 2010 . The bridge was designed by the same architect who also designed the James joyce bridge further up the river liffey. The position of the bridge gives the apperance of a harp on it s side. The bridge has  4  lanes for traffic and  2 cycle lanes with pedestrian  foothpaths . . The bridge is located 70 meters west of cardiff lane on the southern side of the river liffey .


                                                                   Samuel Beckett Bridge


                                                                                  Daniel  O Connell


                                    The GPO also known as the General Post Office is the main post office in the city. Situated on o connell street at Henry street and Princess street on the other corner. It was here on easter monday in 1916 that Padraig Pearse and James Connolly and volunteers assembled at noon .All members of the Irish citizen army The Gpo was the nerve centre of the rebellion and served as the rebels headquarters during the battle with british insurgents .It was here that the proclamation was read for the first time.

                                                           3  Arena   formerly The Point    and 02


                                                                                 GPO  Dublin


  St Georges Church Hardwicke place beside The Childrens Hospital on Temple Street was constructed by the church of Ireland in 1802. The spire is 200 ft high and is still a landmark . The spire can be seen in the distance as you travel down from Drumcondra to the city .The church closed in 1990 and I  got to see inside before it s doors finally closed. When the stone cracked on the spire scaffolding was put in place and this took away the beauty from this great city landmark. The church later on became a theathre and music shows were held on a regular basis. Thre were also some well known artists featured there as money was raised to help restore it. The temple as locals called it eventually closed it s doors again  A new purchaser was found in 2004 and rumour had it that if refurbished it would be converted into luxury offices or apartments .To this date from my photo you can see the sign that now fronts this beautiful north city church.

                                            St  Georges Church  Temple Street



                                                      Statue of Jim Larkin



 This great garden is right in the city located on Parnell Square. It s has a water feature in the shape of a sunken cross. It also has a statue which depicts the 3 children of lir. The garden was opened in 1966 by President Eamonn de Valera . The garden is dedicated to all those who died in the cause of irish freedom. This garden is well worth visiting where you can sit and relax before visiting more of the capital cities great landmarks that I will show you.

                                 The children of Lir

                              Garden of Remembrance

                      Leinster house is situated in Kildare Street ajacent to St stephens green. Its the house of the Oireachtas. The government of Ireland meet here to discuss new bills and legislation to run the country. A new coalition government was formed in March 2011 This followed the current Dail having been in power for 14 years been dissolved by then Taoiseach Brian Cowen leader of the Fianna Fail party. The building and grounds of Leinster house once belonged to the Royal Dublin Society. They are now in Ballsbridge on Merrion Road in Dublin 4. Also located beside Leinster house is the national history museum and the National Library of Ireland both worthy of a visit .

                  Leinster house  Dail Eireann

     The Dail Chamber where all houses of the Oirechtas meet