Dublin City              The Fruit and veg Market


                                                Smithfield fruit and veg market.


            The Victorian fruit and vegetable market was built around the year 1892.

            On the traditional 8 th of Dec people from all over the country came to Dublin for the annual Christmas shopping

            trip. It was a great day for adults and children as the presents were bought and the trip to see Santa Claus in Pims

            was the highlight of the day . It was said that the present from Santa here was the best one in Dublin.


          The market was a hive of activity as turkeys and Christmas trees and holly wreaths were bought and sold

         Those days of old have now been replaced by urban shopping centres and the Smithfield market is no longer a buzz

         of activity as Dubliners knew it. The market is currently undergoing refurbishment and hopefully will soon have a

         great shopping atmosphere once again. Shops and eating establishments are in the planning and the Smithfield

         fruit and vegetable market may return to the days when Dubliners can be back in the rare oul times

                                                                               Flowers ready to be sold in the market


                                                                   Fresh fruit is very appealing in the market


                                            The Jameson tower has views of the city perched high in smithfield


                                                                                      The Jameson Distillery


                                                                                               Whisky galore


                                                                                 Drink sensibly and in moderation


                                                                                                   James Joyce

                                                                                 James Joyce centre in Dublin


                                                      The James Joyce centre is located on Nth Great Georges street in Dublin.

                                                           You cant beat a good pint of beer when you visit Dublin city


         Eircom  phone box very rare in the city as mobile phones have now taken over with new technology






                           The Leprechaun Museum  located in Dublin on corner of Jervis street. A visit here to see

                 for yourself the history of Leprechauns. Mind you don't step on one or you wont be granted your 3 wishes and receive

                                                    great luck.  Aye be gora be gora.  Top of the mornin to ye 


               The Irish Leprechaun.


                                                         Leprechauns are believed to be found only in Ireland.

                     These little men or women stand 3 foot high and bring good luck lucky to anyone who happens to

                     come across one. They work as shoemakers and keep their money in pots of gold at the end of the rainbow as legend has it.

                            You can easily identify one by the green jacket and pointed hat with shiny buckles on their shoes. they will grant

                                3 wishes to the person who catches them. Hurry up before they say Top of the mornin to ye and disappear

       Old Georgian hall door seen mainly now in Dublin 1 and  also in Dublin 2  Wander round the city and see

       these grand old houses with their beautiful doors in a vast range of colours


                                              The independent clock in middle abbey street where the Evening Herald and Irish Independent

                                              are published .    This office now moved to new modern building in Foley street in city centre.


                                                                                                     The Harp

                                                     The Harp bar on Dublin  O Connell Street was a well know meeting place for students from

                                                     Trinity college office workers and anyone visiting the capital. The downstairs bar was very cosy

                                                     and relaxing after a hard days work you could unwind before going to one of the popular

                                                     local eating places before retiring for the night


                                                                                                  Clerys Clock 

                               What better place was there for young couples meeting  than under the clock at Clerys

                               Many a young man or woman were stood up here waiting for their future love in life to

                              appear from around the corner . Every person alighting from the bus was scrutinised

                              from head to toe. As you passed by you could see the suspense etched on their faces

                              as they often glanced nervously up at the clock hands.  Would they make it to the Adelphi 

                              before the film started . Many a match was made not in heaven but possibly under the Clerys clock. 


                                                                                                              Mc   Dowells

                                            Mc Dowells Jewellers in Dublin better known as the happy ring house was where most young couples

                                           borrowed and saved to buy their loved one their engagement ring. Many of these rings often found there way

                                           to the local pawnbrokers office in later months  when money became scarce. and were redeemed

                                           and worn again with pride. Many a happy couple can still recall the first time they entered through the doors

                                           of this fine establishment. 



                                                                         Derelict buildings in the city




                                                Parking  meter in Dublin   .........  You can pay by card or coin

                                                                                       Full moon brightens up the night sky 


       Post today expect delivery next day ... was the motto        Now  email is widely used as the means of communication 


                                                                                      Get the knowledge  learn first aid 


                                                                             Learn to be a wine expert             but drink sensibly 



                                                                                            Slatterys  of Capel Street

                                     Slatterys pub in Capel Street  is a well known establishment frequented by locals and visitors to the city.

                                               Come here and sit and relax as you unwind with a great pint of the black stuff  yes Guinness

                                         Music is great and the craic is mighty so make sure you drop in to sample the atmosphere in Slatterys.