United  Nations Plot 

           This Plot is dedicated to all military and civilian personnel who gave up their lives while working overseas for their country. Every year the annual commeration service for those who died on the 8 th of Nov in the niemba ambush in the Congo  takes place in Arbour Hill. , This is  also the headquarters of  post 1 branch of the Irish united nations veterans Association also known as IUNVA.   A  religious  service is held annually in the Royal Hospital  in Kilmanham on the Sunday nearest to the 11 th of July. This service for those who died in all wars. Also in Arbour Hill is the plot  for those  who were involved in the 1916  rising at the Gpo in Dublin. The  plot  can be accesed from the  entrance of  The Garrison Church on  Arbour Hill. These plots are worth visiting to commerate  those who have given their lives to serve their country The un plot is situated to  the rear of the church on Mount temple road.  See map.


                                Aer Corps fly past in Dublin 

                          United Veterans Headquarters Arbour Hill Dublin 

       This memorial has the names of all those who died overseas

       while serving for Ireland on Un duties . Military / Civilian.