Irish  Army  Photos

                                                                                               Irish Aer Corps Fly past

                                                                          United Nations Memorial   Post 1 Arbour Hill Dublin

                                  United Nations  plaque in memory of all those who died in service overseas including members of the GardaĆ­


                                                                                                   Ceremonial  Dress

                                                                                                    The  Color  Party

                                                                                                                 Stained Glass

                                                                                                       On  Guard

                                                                                                        Standing at ease

                                                                                                              On  Patrol


                                                                                                          Leading the way

                                                                                                          Enjoying  Army  Life

                                                                                                   Street Patrol



                                                                                                               Aim   Fire

                                                                                                           Paying  Attention


                                                                                                     Ordnance   Unit


                                                                                             Medics at the ready

                                                                                                           In your Sights

                                                                                                 APC  Carrier


                                                                                                         Carrying the flag

                                                                                                        Marching in step