Welcome to Clifden  County Galway only one hour 15 mins drive from Galway city.

                                               Lots to see and do.  Nice restraunts pubs music and craic . Well worth the visit 

                                              Dont forget to take drive up up up and up the Sky road for spectacular views  of the Islands. 

                                                                                                    No  I  dont own this one 

                                                                                                      Beautiful   Frontage 

                                                                            Alcock and Brown Memorial  depicits tail fin

                                                                   Memorial     Plaque 

                                                                                                            Irish Cottages
                                                                                                 The  Aran  Islands
                                                                                              Sunset on the west coast
                                                                       Looking out from the Sky road


                                                                                     Island view 

                                                                                      Lovely scenery