Welcome  to  the Cliffs  of   Moher


                                                                  The cliffs of moher reach a height of 700 feet. The most popular visitor attraction in Ireland.

                                                                  There s a tower midway where tourists can view the Aran islands and see the twelve pins

                                                                  mountain range in Galway. The old fort on hag head  gave its name to the cliffs.

                                                                  There are lots of species of birds living on the cliffs. The visitor experience which I undertook recently

                                                                  is very interesting and informative on the history and fish / bird life within the region.

                                                                  There are  shops selling  gifts clothing and memorabilia for you to take home to remind you

                                                                   of your splendid visit to County Clare. Don't forget to press a coin in the coin machine

                                                                  and keep your flattened 5 cent as a momento of your visit. The entrance fee is 6 Euro per person including

                                                                  your pass in to the visitor centre. Some films and music have over the years featured the cliffs and included

                                                                  the magnificent scenery as you can see from my photos.  Don't forget your camera to record the beauty of

                                                                  the Cliffs of Moher in the  county of Clare.. 



                                                                   Warnings are in place for the safety of public


                                                              Spectacular views from the cliff edge  looking south .


                                                                               The Stack as is commonly known


                                                                             The view towards Doolin


                                                         Another  angle  from the cliffs

                                                        Foamy clear surf  laps against the rocks


                                                                           The drop from here is  200 metres


                                                                                  Clare hurling champions of  2013 


                                                         Trinkets for sale in Ennis county Clare