Clothing was normally worn with some type of headwear

                      Women wore black shawls and when attending church they had to cover their head  by wearing a black mantilla.

                      Men wore peaked caps and scarfs but on special occasions men wore suits which were expensive  and women wore hats

                     held in place with hat pins . some people had metal studs underneath their shoes which preserved them from wearing out quickly

                     Children wore dungarees or corduroy which was hard wearing and warm. the military wore rough clothing also known as bulls wool

                     which had a tough feeling .  Ladies wore brooches in their coats and also earrings that clipped on. There were markets  where second

                     hand clothing was bought namely the Daisy market in the city. Pawnbrokers were used to exchange clothing for money. They were

                    recognized by the 3 gold balls that hung aloft on the building outside. Many families had very little money and therefore the main meal

                    cooked was coddle.  The ingrediens comprised of     Sausage /  Barley / Rashers / Potato / Parsley / Salt / Onion / Carrots / and Oxtail


                    this was very nourishing and warm on cold days . Porridge oats were left in water overnight and boiled next morning as this was also

                    eaten for breakfast.   

                                       Below are some photos I took of clothing from this time as you will see the ladies looked very elegant   


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                                                                                               Wedding Bells


                                                                                              Mother and Child


                                                                                                            Going Home


                                                                                                   Errand Boy


                                                                                                   Irish  Colleens