1913  workers locked out.

        The lockout began in 1913.  Workers staged a lockout as unemployment was high at about 20 per cent.  Men an women working as skilled workers were paid 70 pence and 25 pence per week . Food shortages were at a high and prices had increased. The ITGWU founded by James Larkin in 1909 led to strikes all over Ireland. to try and get improvement for their members which was now growing in numbers. Workers were being offered employment if they signed a card asking them to abstain from joining the union .

This resulted finally with the beginning of the lockout  which resulted in  2 persons killed  workers baton charged by the police and at least 600 workers injured . This also saw the arrest of  James Larkin.     A statue of James Larkin now stands prominently  on O Connell  Street in the centre of the city.



                                                                  Workers and police scuffle in the city


                                                                  A female worker tries to restore peace


                                                                 Police get to grips with a demonstrator


                                        The mood was a happy one before the demonstration turned to violence


                                                                  Workers discuss the aftermath of the march


                                                                                   James    Larkin  Statue