Wellfest 2019. Royal Hospital Kilmainham on 11th to 12th May .
                       The event sponsored by Kbc bank  brings together health enthusiasts from all over and those just interested in 
                       their overall health and fitness.
                       Fitness experts showcase their skills in teaching the public about their wellness.
                       The event  has each individual stage set up for many teaching events '
                       Examples of fitness range from Yoga / Dance cardio /  Questions and answer sessions / Cooking / Boogie bounce trampolines/
                       Exercise bikes and much more.  Food is available / coffee and  health food brands  also lots (  Free samples ) to take home
                       or enjoy as you wander through this magnificent tented village of health and wellbeing.

                                                      Below are some photos of fitness and wellbeing being demonstrated at the event .    

                                                   The Banner as you enter this great outdoor event

                                                                                             Food on the go

                                                         Suzanne from the Yoga Lounge Raheny shows how its done

                                                                                          Rocket Yoga class

                                                                                     Yoga mats are everywhere

                                                                                       In Sequence