Ballymun Towers ComesTo The End

                                  The Seven Towers in Ballymun were built in the early sixties comprising of 15 floors along with several 8 story blocks 

                                 of apartments.  After almost two decades the towers were in need of refurbishment and the decision was made to carry 

                                 out a re - generation program in the area. New modern housing and amenities were built and the towers became vacant

                                The towers were slowly demolished except for Joseph Plunkett tower which was the last one built in 1967 and the last to

                                be demolished today  The process of removal is expected to take about 5 weeks using a large unit called a nipper which

                                was specially brought in to carry out this task. 

                                                   Please see below photos of the towers as Dubliners and residents knew them.   


                                                   -------------------------------------------- The End. -------------------------------------------------------

                                                   It is almost 5 weeks since demolition of the final tower began as seen above all that remains

                                                                     is a large mound of rubble formally Joseph Plunkett Tower.

                                                 The only memory of Ballymun Towers is the tall Metro North Hotel which  stands on the junction

                                                of Ballymun road and Santry avenue. This landmark hopefully will always relight the fond memories

                                                                        of the families who resided here in the Seven Towers of Ballymun.