...........................     Storm  Emma puts Ireland on  Red Alert         ..........................

                               Storm Emma  arrived in Ireland early in March 2018. and joining forces with the Beast from the east.
           Red warnings were issued by the Met office for all of the country as strong winds and snow from Siberia made there way over the country
           Householders rushed out to purchase milk bread and heating fuels and supermarkets soon ran out of supplies.
           Shelves were empty in most stores.      Winds of over 100 km per hour brought down power lines and homes were plunged into darkness
           for several days.  Crews battled through blizzards and snow drifts to reach those in vulnerable and isolated areas .
           Many employers closed early as people were advised to remain indoors from 4 pm on Thursday 1st as the two storms joined paths.
           Emergency services were  pushed to the limit as they battled through snowdrifts and impassable roads .  All emergency services joined
           forces to help each other. Ambulances stuck in the snow were pushed out with the help of kind residents who rushed to their aid.
                                                                                                           Poor Visibility

                           Mound of snow left on roadside after car stranded and dug out by DFB during the early hours

                                                                                       A deserted road at 8am on  Friday

                                                                                                            The snow has Shed its load

                                                                                                      Hard packed 

                                                                                                  Cars skidding off