*****************************        Referendum  on  the  8 th  Amendment         *********************************
                                            The referendum on abortion took place on  Friday the 25 th of May in Ireland.
                         Polling stations opened their doors at 7 am and polling continued until 10 pm.  Counting started the following morning.
                           The referendum was held in order to repel the eight amendment and have the change written into the constitution'

                                                      This article outlines some of the main point in repealing the eight amendement

                                                                               One of the many signs directing to the polling booths

                                                                                                              Yes  or No

                                    What the referendum means is that the government proposes to implement new laws that would allow abortion up to
                                    12 weeks of pregnancy without restriction. The electorate are being asked to vote  Yes  or  No  to repel the amendment.
                                     through a general practioner led service.
                                     Abortion pills which are available and also rape resulting in pregnancy have brought on this decision
                                     The act will allow abortion in certain circumstances  eg  risk to or loss of life including suicide of the mother
                                     2 signatures are required  from a general practitioner and a gynecologist in order for this to take place
                                     Certification by the medical practitioners are as follows.

                                      1  =       Risk of life to the pregnant woman or a risk of serious harm to her.

                                      2  =      The foetus has not reached viability.

                                      3  =      The termination of pregnancy is an appropriate way to avert the risk .

                                     So to summarize    Yes vote  =   8 th amendment will be removed and legislation that would remove the protection of life
                                                                                         during pregnancy and allow abortion in special circumstances.

                                                                    No vote   =    no change and article 40 3 3 remains.

                                                                                                  Result of referendum
                                                                                           Yes  vote   =    66. 4%         Win
                                                                                           No   vote   =    33  .6 %       Lose
                                                                       The turnout was the largest ever in a referendum  64 . 13 %

                                                                                      Posters hung from lamp posts around Ireland